Why you should judge

Taste some of the best coffee in the world
ASCA Judges literally get front row seats to taste some of the best coffee on the planet, presented by world-class baristas.

Increase your coffee knowledge
By undergoing the Judging calibration process, you will thoroughly increase your knowledge of the industry, and then immediately be able to apply that knowledge as a judge. Taking part in ASCA Judging calibration is some of the least expensive training available in the industry, with world-class instructors offering training in a globally certified format.

Be part of something bigger
By investing your time and resources into judging, you are not only improving your own knowledge but are contributing to one of the world’s most successful specialty coffee industry associations, that to this day continues to be 100% fully run by volunteers. You are creating opportunities for baristas and other coffee professionals across the industry to increase their own knowledge, as part of the ASCA platform to elevate the standards of specialty coffee in Australia. When we all work together and contribute to these competitions, we improve the industry as a whole, which is of benefit to all of us.

Improve the lives of everyone working in the value chain
By contributing to competitions, you are helping spread the word about specialty coffee. When consumers learn to drink and pay more for specialty coffee, that’s helping everyone in the value chain, from baristas through to café owners, roasters, traders and coffee farmers.

Network with the industry’s best
Doing business in the Australian specialty coffee scene is all about relationships. ASCA judging circles include the leadership of Australia’s top coffee companies. Taking part in ASCA judging is the best way to connect and network with the Australian specialty coffee industry.

Never judged before, and want to try it out? You could become a Judge’s Intern.