About Us


Our History

Giving a voice to specialty coffee in Australia

ASCA began as a vehicle for like-minded people in Australia with an interest in specialty coffee, at a time when the specialty coffee industry was very small. It enabled them to bounce ideas off one another, share opinions, successes and to work together collectively on issues affecting the industry.

An Australian outfit with international ties

Over time, the association has proceeded to adopt international quality standards through benchmarking with international specialty coffee associations. ASCA’s competitions are the only events that feed into the world’s most prestigious coffee competitions organised by World Coffee Events, supporting by specialty coffee associations across the planet.

ASCA is governed and run completely by volunteers. All work full time in the specialty coffee industry and contribute their free, unpaid time to run it.

Brent Williams

Brent Williams

Current President


Robert Forsyth

Robert Forsyth

Past President


Craig Dickson

Craig Dickson

Past President


Our Function

Specialty coffee professional training and development

ASCA is dedicated to promoting specialty coffee and providing professional training for the development of specialty coffee all over the country. ASCA achieves this objective via:
Convening and promoting regional, state and national coffee championships, and sponsoring winners to compete in international coffee events;
Endorsing quality work practices amongst those involved in the processing, distribution consumption and education of specialty coffee;
Promoting the specialty coffee activities of members;
Fostering public information, education and promotion of specialty coffee;
Providing membership across all aspects of the specialty coffee industry, including but not limited to: baristas; roasters; coffee retailers; coffee bar, café and restaurant operators; growers and producers; brokers, importers and exporters; coffee equipment suppliers; coffee educators; and ancillary businesses; and
Liaising with organisations with similar objectives, both nationally and internationally.

Our Constitution

To find out more about our Constitution, please download the brochure below.

Australia’s got coffee talent

We are proud of the accomplishments our baristas have achieved on the international stage. Australian competitors regularly top international competitions.

Australian Barista Champion

2001 Corinne Tweedale
2002 Paul Basset
2003 Paul Basset – World Champion
2004 Mako Lapena
2005 Hazel De Los Reyes
2006 David Makin
2007 Scott Callaghan
2008 David Makin
2009 Tim Adams
2010 Scott Callaghan
2011 Matt Perger
2012 Craig Simon
2013 Matt Perger
2014 Craig Simon
2015 Sasa Sestic – World Champion
2016 Hugh Kelly

Australian Latte Art Champion

2006 Scott Callaghan – World Champion
2007 Jack Hanna – World Champion
2008 Con Haralambopoulos – World Champion
2009 Erin Sampson
2010 Will Priestly
2011 Kirby Berlin
2012 Scott Luengen
2013 Jen Marks
2014 Rie Moustakas
2015 Caleb Cha – World Champion
2016 Ben Morrow

Australian Cup Tasting Champion

2004 Rob Forsyth
2007 Hazel De Los Reyes
2008 Catherine Ferrari
2009 Ben Bicknel
2010 Jonny Pisanelli
2011 Luca Constanza
2012 Fred Lullfitz
2013 Elisha Mauger
2014 Byoung-Woo Kang
2015 Harry Ko
2016 Harry Ko

Australian Coffee-In-Good-Spirits Champion

2009 Kirby Berlin
2010 Mitch Faulkner
2011 Mitch Faulkner
2014 Matt Perger – World Champion
2015 Lucas Woods
2016 Shae Macnamara

Australian Cezve Ibrik Champion

2009 Rob Forsyth /Fiefy Anuwatanaphorn
2010 Rob Forsyth
2011 Andy Freeman

World Champions

2003 Paul Basset – World Champion
2015 Sasa Sestic– World Champion

Latte Art
2006 Scott Callaghan – World Champion
2007 Jack Hanna – World Champion
2008 Con Haralambopoulos – World Champion
2015 Caleb Cha – World Champion

2014 Matt Perger – World Champion