ASCA is governed and run completely by volunteers. All work in the specialty coffee industry and contribute their free, unpaid time to run it.

ASCA began as a vehicle for like-minded people in Australia with an interest in specialty coffee, at a time when the specialty coffee industry was very small. It enabled them to bounce ideas off one another, share opinions, successes and to work together collectively on issues affecting the industry.

Over time, the association has proceeded to adopt global quality standards through benchmarking with international specialty coffee associations. ASCA’s competitions are, by reputation, the best in the world. Our Australian Coffee championships and are the feeder to the world’s most prestigious coffee competitions organised by World Coffee Competitions. These are supported by specialty coffee associations across the planet.

ASCA is led by a passionate group who believe leadership is not about a position or title, but action and example. A voice of authority that represents the people and guides the Australian coffee industry. We advocate, educate, and constantly work on improving standards, promoting best practices, and creating opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. We recognise good work. The ASCA mark is our endorsement of quality that is recognised across the world.

ASCA is dedicated to nurturing a sustainable supply chain, from crop to cup. The longevity of our industry depends on it, and the people and planet deserve it.

For us, coffee is not just a drink – it’s a culture and community where everyone has a place.

As a not-for-profit, ASCA holds itself to the highest ethical standards, and expect the same from our members and stakeholders. We know the importance of our role and manage our business with honesty, trust, and transparency, always acting in the best interests of our industry and its people.