ASCA Board


I probably don’t need any introduction to the majority of you, as I have been a constant in the coffee industry and ASCA since its inception. 

Coffee is all I know. 

I have worked, actually more like had fun, met lots of interesting and diverse people and indulged in tasty coffee all my life. 

I have been involved in coffee at all levels. From the supply chain, directly sourcing green beans, importing, roasting, education, a barista serving espresso’s, retail and wholesale. 

One of my proudest moments in coffee, collaborating in grass roots social projects, in healthcare, education and recycling. Recycling and sustainability is one of my major passions and focuses, with many more projects in the pipeline. With these grass roots projects, I can actually affect people’s lives for the better. 

A very close second proudest moment, is getting involved in ASCA. I have always given back to the industry that has nurtured and helped me along my wide and diverse career. I was kindly awarded Life Member status in 2017 for my service to coffee. 

I am honoured to stand as President of ASCA and fully intend to guide it diligently into the future.


Studying to become a mechanical engineer at Monash University, coffee was never meant to be my chosen path.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working with coffee professionally and I am an accredited WCE World Barista Championship sensory judge.

In 2009, I opened the doors to The Espresso School in Melbourne which would have never happened if I didn’t compete or judge in ASCA sanctioned competitions.

This is my third term on the ASCA Board previously serving two terms as Head of the Barista Guild.


I’m the specialist barista trainer and coordinator at the Coffee Academy at William Angliss Institute, and also a certified WCE Sensory Judge for the World Barista Championships (2013-current).

I started judging at ASCA competitions in 2008 and am one of ASCA judge’s calibration and accredited lead instructors, having judged both state and national barista competitions for a number of years.

In 2016, I received the inaugural Australian Coffee Woman of the Year for my contributions to coffee over more than 20 years working in hospitality.


I am currently the company owner and Director of Scope Accounting, and have been the ASCA Treasurer since 2017.

Before running my own business, I was Treasurer of the South East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce and have years of experience under my belt when it comes to crunching numbers.



My coffee journey started in 2007 back at home in São Paulo, Brazil. I managed one of the first specialty coffee cafe & roastery in São Paulo called Santo Grão. It was there where I learned to appreciate the intricacies of specialty coffee. 

In 2008, I moved to Australia to expand on my coffee skills. Since then, I competed in state and national competitions in various categories and have won several awards, including 2nd place at the 2017 ASCA National Roasting Championship. 

I am now an accredited WCE WBrC and WCRC sensory judge. One thing the industry has taught me is that the competition experience is magical. It is where you learn and stretch yourself as a coffee professional.


I live in Wollongong (Just south of Sydney) and work in a leadership role for Seven Miles Coffee Company.

I previously co-owned Delano Specialty Coffee and Abstract Coffee Roasters, and worked in management for the importer of WMF, Dalla Corte and BUNN equipment brands.

In my time in the industry, I have worn many hats, including training, roasting, operations, marketing and sales. I have a passion for education and this is one of my core focuses in my current role.

I have been an active Judge in the ASCA competition space for almost a decade and has been a certified World Barista Championship judge since 2016.

 Before working in coffee I had a background in design and communication and in my personal time I enjoy learning jujitsu and exploring the world of wine.