National Judges

ASCA has a suite of judging talent that ensures our competitions are run to the highest standard in the world. As volunteers, they give up their time to help our competitors improve on their skills and prepare for the world stage.

We also encourage judges to sit for WCE-accreditation, to help contribute to the global coffee community.

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World Certified Judges
Caleb Cha – Latte Art (visual)
Mook Liengraksa – Latte Art (visual)
Michaela Gerard – Barista (sensory)
Melissa Caia – Barista (sensory)
Jeremy Regan – Barista (sensory)
Adrian Mancuso – Barista (sensory), Brewers (sensory)
Ben Bicknell – Barista (sensory)
Boris Georgiou – Barista (technical)
David Seng – Barista (sensory)
Fleur Clohesy – Barista (sensory)
Matt Crowley – Barista (sensory), Brewers (sensory)
Nick Percy – Barista (sensory), Latte Art (visual)
Oliver James – Barista (sensory)
Danilo de Andrade – Brewers (sensory)
Jack Allisey – Brewers (sensory)

2019 National Judges
Bruno Maiolo (ASCA Head Judge)
Michaela Gerard
Oliver James
Jeremy Regan
Sam Taylor
Melissa Caia
Boris Georgiou
Lisa Brookes
Renata Taylor
Nic Michaelides
Ru Te Teow
Chris Jackson
David Seng
Mook Liengraksa
Matt Crowley
Peter Giannakis
Xindii Hew
Jane Clarke
Nick Percy
Ben Bicknell
Ernest Tong
Dimitri Piliouras
Caleb Cha
Alicia Feng
Rie Moustakes
Donald Wu
Danilo Andrade
Jack Allisey
Lauren Stoke
Adrian Mancuso
Magda Grezelka
Sasa Sestic
Georgia Major
Archie Chiu
Luke Inochi