ASCA Judges’ Internship program

Ever considered becoming an ASCA Judge?

Be surrounded and supported by some of the best WCE judges in the world, across all coffee competitions.

Learn with continued support and work towards Judging at a National competition.

What is required of a Judge’s Intern?
A judge’s intern is a coffee professional who is looking to become a certified ASCA judge and act in a shadow role. A judge intern may be asked to comment calibrate for judges deliberation, shadow judge for the head judge on stage, and assess protocols and competitor instructions.

They will support seasoned judges with tasks, in a buddy system to get a feel of the requirements and responsibilities of what it means to be an ASCA judge. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and learn from their peers, networks and other coffee industry professionals.

  • An associate/intern will have a sound understanding of the rules and regulations for the competition they wish to be an intern for
  • You will need to attend a Judges Calibration prior to the regional competition in that region
  • You will need to sign a “Judges Code of Conduct” to acknowledge and respect the policies of being a judge and submit any conflicts of interest

This role will lead to obtaining judging shifts at a Regional level with the pathway to National Competitions (conflicts pending).