Terms and Conditions

By entering any ASCA Competition, all competitors and judges are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

ASCA Competitions – Terms & Conditions

1      Eligibility 

1.1 Competitors in all ASCA Competitions must be a valid ASCA member of Barista Level or above.

1.2 Any competitor using another person’s account to register for a competition will not be eligible to compete.

1.3 Competition spaces are limited, and are assigned based on a first-come, first-serve basis through the ASCA web site. It is up to members to ensure their login details are valid prior to registration opening.

1.4 Competitors must hold a valid Australian passport or documentation substantiating 24 months of residency, employment or scholastic enrolment, some portion of which must have been within 12 months preceding the qualifying national competition.

1.5 Competitors must also not have competed in any other National Coffee Championship feeding into the WBC Competition Year. A WBC Competition Year is defined as the time period between the completion of one year’s WBC Event and the completion of the next year’s WCE Event. In the case where regional competitions take place before next year’s WCE Event, the Australian representative will be offered automatic entry into the Open Heats for the national competition of that year.

2      Refunds

2.1  No refunds will be given for competition or judging registrations.

3      Travel Compensation

3.1  All flight and accommodation booking must be done through the ASCA nominated travel agent. Any travel booked independently by competitors, without written consent, will not be refunded.

3.2  Australian Competition winners will only be compensated flights, accommodation, and travel insurance to attend the world competition.

4      Requirements of competition winners

4.1 The winner of any qualifying Australian Coffee Championship feeding into a World Coffee Events competition must:

4.2  Be available to travel to that year’s World Coffee Event Competition.

4.3 Attend all world barista championship meetings and barista social events and be present at the debriefing.

4.4  Recognise that the Australian Specialty Coffee Association will provide airfares, accommodation and travel insurance.

4.5 ASCA’s naming right sponsors of each regional and national competition will have exclusive rights, with the exception of ASCA’s priority rights, to the winners of both national & regional barista competitions for 1 year, for use in media and advertising opportunities. If the winners wish to partner with any other sponsor, the winners must seek approval from the naming right partner of the event they have won, in writing (via ASCA). Domestically, each event’s naming right partner may refuse to give approval in its absolute discretion.

4.6  Take part in promotional activities, prior to, during, and after the competition in support of ASCA and its sponsors.

4.7 Partner with the relevant title sponsor for the competition that they have won at an event activation at least twice during the following competition year. Once with the intention that it should take place during the following National Championships, and Once during an ASCA event at the board’s discretion.

4.8  Have enough of their own funds to cover the costs of food, internal travel and miscellaneous costs while competing at the global event.

4.9  Allow ASCA and associated sponsors to use their name and image without charge for the purposes of promotion

4.10  Participate in associated media interviews, appearances, and functions and provide information for articles at no cost.

4.11   Actively uphold the reputation of ASCA by promoting the ASCA Australian Coffee Championship as the only pathway to the World Coffee Events Competitions.

5      Competition Costs

5.1 The costs of competitions will be as follows, for both state and open heats at the national competitions

5.1.1     Cup Tasting Championship $272.73 + GST

5.1.2     Barista Championship $272.73 + GST

5.1.3     Latte Art Championship $272.73 + GST

5.1.4     Coffee in Good Spirits $272.73 + GST

5.1.5     Brewers Cup Championship $272.73 + GST

6      ASCA Judges

6.1 Any Judge at an ASCA event must be an active ASCA member at Barista level or higher,

6.2 Any judge must undergo judges calibration prior to the event.

6.3 Calibration costs (regional competitions only) are

6.3.1     New Judges $100

6.3.2     Returning Judges $50

6.4 A Judge must have participated as a judge at a least one regional level competition to judge at the National Championship event, and they must be a valid ASCA member of Barista Level or above.

7      Limitation/Exclusion of Liability

7.1 ASCA will not be held liable for any personal injury or loss following the result of a competitor, judge or volunteer taking part in an ASCA event.

8      Use Rights to Exploit images and names of winners

8.1 ASCA and its Sponsors reserve the right to exploit the images and names of winners for its promotional purposes, in relation to the competitions.

9      Social Media use

9.1 Competitors acknowledge that for complaints and protests, these must be made in writing to info@aasca.com within 24 hours of the competition.

9.2 Social media is not to be used by competitors or judges to make complaints, or to publicly disparage ASCA and its volunteers.

10      Contact between judges and competitors

10.1 Any ASCA judge must not be in contact via text/email/phone call/in person with any ASCA competitor they have judged 48 hours prior and 48 hours after the conclusion of any competition to discuss the competition and/or results and vice versa.

11      The Right to disqualify or strip title(s)

ASCA Reserves the Right to disqualify or strip title(s) of participants, winners and judges if:

11.1 It is found that the participant did not meet the Eligibility requirements outlined in section 1 of this document.

11.2 It is found that the participant undertook additional sponsorship, in relation to their participation in the ASCA related event and without written consent, that contradicts an ASCA Sponsor.

11.3 The participant was involved in actions that led to the financial loss or loss in reputation of ASCA and/or its sponsors

11.4 The participant refuses to comply with the any of terms and conditions outlined in this document.