Includes companies such as growers, importers, roasters, coffee bars, charities, training schools, distributers, technical, publishers, consultancy etc.

Why ASCA Membership?

One of the key benefits to ASCA membership is entry to the specialty coffee industry events and competitions. Membership is in fact a pre-requisite.

Membership Benefits

Besides supporting your industry and strengthening our profession, your membership entitles you to:

Reduced rates for competition entry fees;
Free entry to industry trade shows;
Entry to ASCA’s coffee competitions including Barista, Latte Art, Cup Tasting and Brewers Cup – a great way to showcase you, your staff and your business to a global coffee community and the coffee consuming public;
Connect with coffee growers, roasters and baristas internationally through our direct relationships with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and World Coffee Events;
Access to Cup of Excellence (CoE) auction programs and cup tastings;
Improving peer to peer knowledge and staff expertise;
Exclusive access to regular skill building coffee workshops with world class personnel;
Access to reduced rates for globally recognised, SCAA certified coffee education;
Build your skills by becoming an ASCA accredited coffee judge, and entitlement to World judge qualification;
Opportunities to participate in origin tours to learn more about all aspects of specialty coffee;
Gratis and reduced rate subscriptions to industry trade magazines;
Access to discounts through ASCA sponsors and partners.
In order to assure your membership stays up to date, all accounts are set to automatically renew unless we are notified that you do not require renewal at least 7 days in advance of the renewal date. A reminder will be sent 14 days before the renewal date.

ASCA Associations

ASCA has formal links to:

American Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA)
The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)
World Coffee Events (WCE)

Pathway to competing in WCE

WCE is the governing body over the specialty coffee industry’s international coffee competitions, run to the highest standards. AASCA membership, both individual and corporate, is the pathway for Australian coffee professionals to compete in these events, including:

World Barista Championships
World Latte Art Championships
World Brewers Cup Championships
World Cup Tasting Championship
World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (Australian competition depends on demand)
World Ibrik Championship (Australian competition depends on demand)
World Coffee Roasting Championship (Australian competition depends on demand)