The 2020 ASCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held online on Monday 24 May 2021.

The meeting was officially opened by Secretary Melissa Caia, who acted as chairperson with Matthew Basso from Show Pony as moderator.

Melissa confirmed the minutes of the preceding AGM, and were accepted by the members.

Kieran Westlake presented the President’s Report, which included the challenges and impacts of the recent events of COVID-19 on ASCA’s members and the direct economic impact to businesses across the coffee and related industries, the cancellation of World Barista Champions and World Brewers Cups Championships that were scheduled in May 2020 and providing business information links from the ATO and government bodies to members.

Kieran acknowledged and thanked the ASCA sponsors, to which he quoted “are the best sponsors and partners across the world, for their continued support and commitment”. All of whom, still supported the association to be able to deliver a first-ever fully digital National Champions during such unknown and challenging times.

During his report, he also personally thanked Vice President Bruno Maiolo for his efforts that went above and beyond the requirements of a volunteer board member to execute and be the “biggest bearer” of the operational requirements to be able to deliver a successful 2020 Condesa Co-Lab Australian Coffee Championships, which was live-streamed globally.

Other notable highlights mentioned by the President were ASCA’s MOU with My Coffee Counts – a fully digital rewards platform and integrated POS system, ASCA offering half priced memberships during the height of the pandemic and recently joining a free Government advisory service for Small Business, which will be available to members.

Chris Wheatley presented the Treasurer’s Report, which focused on the healthy financial position of the organisation as well as 4 key goals for ASCA including an improved turnaround time for payments and re-imbursements and exploring a new payment gateway for online transactions. The Treasurer’s report is available for all members in the Members Area of the ASCA website.

Election of Board Members also took place:

– Bruno Maiolo, President
– Casual vacancy, Vice President
– Casual vacancy Treasurer
– Melissa Caia, Secretary
– David Seng, Barista Guild Head
– Danilo Andrade, Roasters Guild Head
– Cameron Ballard, Ordinary Member
– Jane Clarke, Ordinary Member

The Secretary thanked outgoing Board Members Craig Simon, Roasters guild and Kieran Westlake, President. Secretary also acknowledged the long tenure and commitment of the outgoing president for his dedication and service to ASCA over the last 5-6 years. Primarily focusing on working towards improving ASCA’s financial position with value-added benefits for members and sponsors. Kieran will remain on the Board as past-president providing an advisory role and to ensure a smooth transition to incoming President Bruno Maiolo.

Melissa Caia and David Seng will continue on for another term as Secretary and Head of Barista Guild respectively. Cameron Ballard and Jane Clarke will also continue for an additional term as ordinary members. The Secretary welcomed incoming board member, Danilo Andrade as the new Head of Roasters Guild. The casual vacancies will be determined by the new board at a later date.