Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I register to compete?

You must first be a valid ASCA member. All competitors must have purchased their own membership, or have a membership assigned to them through their company. You then use your own account to log into the members only area at the top right of the screen, and click on the Events button. From here, you purchase your nearest regional competition.

Can I use someone else’s account to register to compete?  

No you cannot. You must login with your own details prior to purchasing the competition.

What rules are we using?

For the 2017 Competition Year (All competitions leading up to the 2017 ASCA National Championships, even if they are held at the end of 2016) we will use 2016 world rules for all regional competitions. At the Nationals we will then use the 2017 rules. The rules can be found at the following links. Please note there are some variances off the world rules for the competitions, please see notes below or email if you are uncertain.

Please note we do not have the art bar at the Regional or National Level. We also use different cups than the official rules, please see below.

Please note we don’t hold compulsory service at the Regional Level, however it is held at National level.

Will there be competitor practice time?

Most regional competitions allow for practice time, typically the day before the competition. You will be emailed your practice time slot one week before.

What cups are we using for the Pura Latte Art Championship? 

d’ANCAP 190ml Palermo Cappuccino Cup and saucer

d’ANCAP 80ml Verona Espresso cup and saucer

What milk are we using? 

Pura Milk, Full Cream

Are we doing the art bar for the Pura Latte Art Championship? 


What grinders are available?

For the Barista Championship the Mahlkönig K30 Vario Air and the EK43 will be available.

For all other competitions the Qamar M80 model electronic grinder will be available. It has 63mL blades and a 1.2kg hopper

Do I have to use the provided Grinder?

As per WBC rules:

4.4 GRINDER WBC Competitors must use one of two specified grinder models from the official WBC Grinder Sponsor, Mahlkönig, to prepare the espresso for each course in their competition routine. The WCE certified grinders are the Mahlkönig K30 Vario Air and the EK43. Both models will be provided for use on-site. Grinders that are provided on-site have a fixed technical configuration including the hopper and cannot be opened/altered internally by the competitors. Competitors may adjust the grind particle size and dose from the external controls. The provided grinders will be calibrated to the same specifications for each competitor. The use of a competitor’s own grinder is allowed, as long as the grinder model is identical to one of the two acceptable Mahlkönig models.

Do I have to live in Australia, or be a citizen, to compete in the competition?

As per WBC rules:

Competitors must hold a valid passport from the country he or she represents or documentation substantiating 24 months of residency, employment or scholastic enrolment, some portion of which must have been within 12 months preceding the qualifying national competition. Competitors may only participate in one country per WBC Competition Year. A WBC Competition Year is defined as the time period between the completion of one year’s WBC Event and the completion of the next year’s WBC Event.

What happens if I cant make my regional competition?

If you can’t attend the regional competition in your state, or your nearest state, you can attend another regional competition, as a prerequisite to compete in the Open Heats at Nationals. However, if you are attending an alternative regional competition, you will not be able to place. The Central Regional Champions (or 2nd Place or 3rd Place winners) must reside in NSW or ACT, the Southern Regional Champions (or 2nd Place or 3rd Place winners) must reside in Tasmania or Victoria, the Western Regional Champions (or 2nd Place or 3rd Place winner) must reside in South Australia or Western Australia, and the Northern Regional Champions (or 2nd Place or 3rd Place winners) must reside in Queensland or NT.

Can I compete in more than one regional competition?

You cannot compete in more than one regional competition.

How can I compete at Nationals?

To compete at Nationals, you must have already competed in a regional competition. Open heats rounds are held on the first day of Nationals, however to register, you must have already competed in a regional competition. Winners automatically gain free entry into the semi-final rounds of nationals. This rule does not apply for competitions without regional rounds, mainly Coffee in Good Spirits.

Can I both judge and compete in the competitions?

You can’t judge and compete in the same WCE sanctioned competition anywhere in the world.

For example, you can’t judge the Australian Barista competition, and then compete in the barista championship in another state. You also can’t compete in the New Zealand barista championship, if you judged in the Australian one.

You can judge and compete in different competitions. I.e. judge the Barista Championship then compete in Cup Tasters.

Is there a compulsory or open round for the Brewers Cup?

At the regional level, we will only hold the open round. The National level will have both open and compulsory.