The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) and Espresso Mechanics are proud to announce a 3-year sponsorship agreement, that will see Australia’s leading supplier of espresso equipment and servicing support the Australian specialty coffee industry.

As part of the renewed agreement, Espresso Mechanics will continue to supply its Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine as the official equipment for both the region and national ASCA Barista and Latte Art Championships.

“Espresso Mechanics has played a big part in the development of the Australian specialty coffee industry by sponsoring ASCA competitions for the past decade,” says Cosimo Libardo, Customers Director for Espresso Mechanics. “We understand the importance of the association and these competitions in elevating the level of specialty coffee. We look forward to increasing our support of ASCA, so that the association can continue to improve the level of our competitions.”

Espresso Mechanics has been servicing the Australian coffee industry for more than 50 years. Espresso Mechanics is the exclusive supplier of Nuova Simonelli and its sister brand Victoria Arduino equipment to Australia. At the global level, these brands have also supported the World Barista Championship for the past decade.

“We’re so fortunate in Australia to have the support of Espresso Mechanics and Nuova Simonelli for our association. It means our competitors can use the same world-class equipment that is used on the global stage,” says ASCA Vice President Andrew Kremmer.