Congratulations to the winners of the ASCA Central Region Coffee Championship!

The ASCA Central Region Coffee Championship took place at Bare Witness from 7 – 8 October.

The winners are:

2018 Central Region Barista Championship

Winner – Angus Mackie

2nd Place – Daniel Wilson

3rd Place – Wiehao Gin

2018 Central Region Cup Tasters Championship

Winner – Yama Kim

2nd Place – King Luen Wong

3rd Place – Sangchul Lee

2018 Central Region Brewers Cup

Winner – Chanho Hong

2nd Place – Isaac Kim

3rd Place – Alex Murfet

2018 Central Region Latte Art Championship

Winner – Jibbi Little

2nd Place – Li Tao

3rd Place – Nate Lee

The winner of each competition has secured their place in the semi-finals of the 2018 ASCA Australian Coffee Championships, taking place 22-24 March 2018 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

The remaining competitors will be seeded against all other participants of the Southern, Northern, and Western region competitions, finishing up mid-November. The #ascatop12 for all competitions will be announced following the completion of all regional competitions.