The Australian Specialty Coffee Association intends to hold its AGM on Friday 16 September, immediately after Judges Calibration for the Southern Coffee Championship, at 5pm. The location will be confirmed along with the space for the Southern Coffee Championship.

The AGM will include elections for Office Bearers of the association, including:





The AGM will also selecting additional voting members of the association, which include:

A representative from each State or Territory of Australia

Representative of the ASCA Barista Guild

Representative of the ASCA Roasters Guild

The AGM will also confirm the newly created General Member position of Membership Advocate.

Any persons interested in nominating candidates for these positions must submit Appendix 2 of the Constitution available HERE As per the constitution, nominations must be made in writing and signed by two financial members of the association, with written consent of the candidate. They must be sent to at least seven days before the AGM.

ASCA will announce all candidates six days before the AGM, allowing proxy votes until one day before the AGM. Only paying members of the association are allowed to vote.

Full details on how to proxy vote will be distributed ahead of the AGM.

As per the constitution, only tabled items may be discussed at the AGM. Members can send through any topics to to be tabled until two weeks before the AGM, at which point ASCA will distribute the agenda.