Five teams took to the stage at Luna Park in Sydney on Friday 9 November for the 2018 MONIN Coffee Chain Challenge, with McCafé emerging victorious.

The team from McCafé beat out competitors Jamaica Blue (who placed second), Velocity Café (who placed third), Hudsons Coffee and Wild Bean to take home the title of champion.

McCafé team members Gabrielle Vella, Jaylene Bruton-Peters, Alexa Smith and Omar Jalal wowed the judges with their signature beverage, the Apple Pie Iced Coffee. The drink used MONIN speculoos, green apple and caramel syrups, combined with McDonald’s famous soft serve and the classic apple pie. Taking only one minute and 10 seconds to make in the McCafé, the drink can easily be scaled to serve at speed through the Drive-Thru.

Nathan James, of title sponsor MONIN, commented that “it was fantastic to see the quality of specialty coffee across key players of the Australian coffee chain market”.