jbwinnerJamaica Blue has won the 2016 DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Chain Challenge.

The competition, which took place on 24 November at Stockland Wetherill Park NSW, saw nine of the best coffee chains in the country battle it out for what has quickly become Australia’s most prestigious title for coffee chain businesses.

Soul Origin came in Second Place and Coffee Club came in Third Place.

ASCA relaunched the competition last year under a new format, catered to the needs of coffee chain businesses. In the first round, the teams spin the Dairy Farmers wheel of latte art, and at least two team members must show off their latte art skills, replicating the pattern from the wheel. In the second round, teams must present a seasonal beverage using DaVinci Gourmet syrups. They must present the drink as if they were presenting to a board of directors, explaining a business case for the beverage. In the third round Service Time teams have just 10 minutes to create 20 drinks, chosen from a random order card.

” We were so impressed by the effort that all the teams put into this year’s competition. At just two years in, the format has been well embraced by Australia’s coffee chains, serving an important function by providing an avenue for rising stars in the business to challenge their skills,” says ASCA Vice-President Andrew Kremmer. “We have already begun preparations on how we will improve the competition next year.”

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Final results

1st Place Jamaica Blue 699

2nd Place Soul Origin 693

3rd Place The Coffee Club 682

4th Place Muffin Break 678

5th Place Hudsons Coffee 655.5

6th Place McCafe 638

7th Place Velocity 624

8th Place Wild Bean Cafe 604.5

9th Place Shingle Inn 577