Congratulations to the AMC Australian Roasting Championship #ASCATop12!

Roasters Guild Head, Lucy Ward, and her team spent 20 hours assessing entries from 30 competitors to find the best coffee roasters in the country.

HUGE congratulations to:
1. Adam Marley, Monastery Coffee
2. Danilo Andrade, Extraction Artisan Coffee
3. Michael Allen, Small Batch Roasting Co
4. Ben Toovey, Genovese Coffee
5. Zenki Ho, Code Black Coffee Roasters
6. Tyler Ritchie, The Little Marionette
7. Nick Raven, Ravens Coffee Roastery
8. Kritsade Ngampongpan, St Ali
9. Keith Kleindiek, Grace & Taylor Coffee Company
10. Zach Oakes, Profile Coffee Roasters
11. Nameru Upretee, Stitch Coffee
12. Gareth Maddock, Veneziano Coffee Roasters

You have ALL scored yourself a place in the National Championship at MICE2018! 👏👏

*All members of the #ASCATop12 will be contacted directly with details on how to register.