Nominations for ASCA board close soon

Nominations for Australian Specialty Coffee Association board candidates must be submitted by 5:00 pm on 18 October, ahead of the Annual General Meeting on Friday 25 October at ST ALi in Port Melbourne.

ASCA will livestream the AGM using a platform that will also allow members to vote where appropriate. This format will allow inclusivity for all interstate members who can’t make the meeting in person. 

The following will be tabled at the AGM:

  • Confirm minutes of the last AGM
  • Receive board reports on activities for the preceding year
  • Elect office bearers and ordinary board members
  • Receive and consider the financial report
  • General Business

Any persons interested in nominating candidates for board positions must submit Appendix 2 of the Constitution available here. Nominations must be made in writing and signed by two financial members of the association, with written consent of the candidate.

Proxy votes must be provided in writing using Appendix 3 of the Constitution available here.

Proxy votes must be provided in writing to the secretary more than 3 days before the meeting in question on the form at Appendix 2, or on a digital rendition of that form containing the same information and issued by the secretary.

An assigned member of registered organisation or business may assign their proxy vote to another nominated user from that organisation or business or to another member of the association.

Proxy vote forms must be sent to by 5:00pm on 22 October. Only paying members of the association are allowed to vote.