Line-up for Thursday ASCA Australian Coffee Championships

On Thursday 7 February the Australian Specialty Coffee Association will be running the Australian Vitasoy Barista Championships and Australian Brewers Cup concurrently. The line up will be

835 Jack Henderson

855 Joshua Robertson

915 Ben Cheong

935 Matthew Philben

955 Mark Knapp

1015 Alex Murfet

1035 Simon Jaramillo

1055 Matthew Lewin

1115 Hyunsuk Ko

1135 Todd Souter

1155 Jamie Thompson

1215 Rhys Woods

1235 Yechan Kim

1255 Hugh Kelly

1315 Chanho Hong

1335 Kirk Pearson

1355 Ning Chai Cheng

1415 Anthony Douglas

1435 Ning Chai Cheng

1455 Joao Carlos

1515 David Train

1535 Callum Jubb

1555 Shen Choy Ong

1615 Remy Keshet

1700 Semi Finalists Announcements

Competitors please note, in case of discrepancies between this and the official schedule circulated, please use offical one circulated.