Latest Australian Government Stimulus Package COVID-19

Dear ASCA Stakeholder,

Today the Australian Government announced its latest economic stimulus package, building on the first of the previous week.

To ensure the quick dissemination of this vital information, ASCA has provided direct links to all the fact sheets below and a link to the governments “Economic Response to the Coronavirus” page, as well as the links to each government agency’s site.

Furthermore, ASCA has written to the newly formed Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit, seeking to work with and disseminate any information and guidance it can provide to help our members and industry, who are hurting in these unprecedented times.

Australian Government’s Economic Response to the Coronavirus page

Information on how the Australian Government’s economic response could support you can be found in the following fact sheets.

Economic Response to the Coronavirus
Delivering support for business investment
Cash flow assistance for businesses
Payments to support households
Assistance for severely affected regions and sectors
Early access to superannuation
Providing support for retirees
Providing temporary relief for financially distressed businesses
Supporting the flow of credit
Income support for individuals

Government agency websites

More information to follow as it becomes available.