The Australian Specialty Coffee Association has opened expressions of interest to venues or events interested in hosting a regional competition for the 2019 competition year. We are open to submissions from Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, Perth, and Brisbane.

To host a competition, you should have a space large enough to have a stage area for two stations, back of house, judges room, and audience area. Full requirements to host a competition can be found HERE

Hosting a regional competition is an amazing opportunity to have the best of the best local coffee industry all come to your venue! It’s also a great way to support the industry, by providing a space for our amazing competitors, judges, volunteers and coffee competition fans to come together an celebrate our incredible specialty coffee industry.

Submissions of interest are due by 30 May, so if you’re interested in hosting a competition, get in quick! A regional competition manager will come visit you and the venue to decide if hosting a competition is right for you. Email for more information.