Brent Williams steps down as ASCA President

The ASCA Board would like to thank Brent Williams for his five years of service as a Board member, including four years as President of the association.

“I’m really proud of how far ASCA has come in the past five years,” said Brent, speaking at the AGM on Friday. “We’ve achieved so much in that time, from re-branding ASCA with the logo you recognise today, to re-structuring sponsorships in order to bring our sponsors and members the best value possible.”

“The Eleonora Genovese Award is also incredibly personal to me, and ASCA was the first coffee association world-wide to introduce an Award celebrating women in coffee.”

Mr Williams also praised the work of the Competitions Committee, which runs the ASCA Australian Coffee Championships to a world standard.

“People always ask me how they can run their competitions with the same efficiency – we truly have the brains trust of the competitions world here in Australia,” said Brent.

Brent Williams will remain on the ASCA Board as the immediate past President.