AMC Australian Coffee Roasting Championship

Hello Competitors,

The recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) officially naming the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, has led to the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Board postponing the 2020 Condesa Co Lab Australian Coffee Championships to later in the year. 

HOWEVER, ASCA will proceed with the AMC Australian Roasting Championship Preliminary round as planned.  

Prudence means that ASCA has arranged for the evaluation to now occur at Criteria Coffee as a larger pool of qualified judges, including the head judge, are locally available without requiring to complete unnecessary travel.

Please submit your roasted coffee, green defect and forms by post no later than the 25th March.

AMC Australian Roasting Championship
Criteria Coffee
37 Wirraway Drive
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

All requirements are as previously stated.


Craig Simon
ASCA Roasters Guild

The AMC Australian Coffee Roasting Championships is the new kid on the block of Australian coffee competitions. Acknowledgement of the vital role of coffee roaster has its own competition discipline now! It’s a very different feel to the other competitions, far more communal and a valuable learning tool for all the attendees. Roasters are given green coffee samples to grade and assess for roasting. After roasting, the samples are judged on cup quality for sensory assessment. Australia has some of the best roasters in the world, and we are now proudly sending someone to the World Roasting Championships annually.

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