WCE Judges Code of Conduct

WCE Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for World Coffee Events (“WCE”) Certified Judges This Code of Conduct applies to all  Judges (“Judges”), including those participating in sanctioned National Body barista competitions (both regional and national).

Judges must:
• In addition to this Code, read and adhere to the Rules and Regulations relevant to the competition they are judging (World Barista Championship, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Brewers Cup, and Cezve-Ibrik Championship).
• Support the WCE vision and values.
• Be committed to coffee excellence and promotion of the Barista profession.
• Agree to approach WCE judging with a constructive and supportive attitude geared towards helping and supporting the baristas and improving the quality of specialty coffee around the world.
• Approach baristas in competition with a constructive attitude, looking for opportunities to reward them and help them improve, grow and develop. • Represent the WCE organization at all times with integrity and a professional attitude and behavior.
• Recuse him/herself from judging anywhere there may be a real or perceived conflict of interest. A conflict of interest exists if a Judge is or has had any of the following relationships with a competitor he or she is judging:
• An employee or employer of or been employed by the same company or affiliated companies
• A relative, close friend, customer, or romantic relationship.
• Trainer or trainee of the competitor for competition (with or without compensation).
• Disclose to WCE, by any required deadlines, any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
• Behave ethically, honestly, and with integrity.
• Respect fellow judges, competitors, volunteers and staff at all times.
• Approach all competitors, and their selected coffees, with respect and without bias toward nationality, race, language, gender or sexual orientation.
• Maintain appropriate confidentiality. Not misuse information that might cause harm or embarrassment to other judges, competitors, volunteers or staff.
• Abide by the national and local laws of the competition site, taking full responsibility for any violations and reporting them to the appropriate WCE committee immediately.
• Never accept gifts, monetary or otherwise, from competitors, their employers or sponsors or other judges.
• (For sensory judges) Eat appropriately prior to judging shifts, avoiding foods that could impair or taint ability to accurately taste and evaluate coffee beverages, including any tobacco products, alcohol or illegal substances.
• Avoid excessive use of alcohol and tobacco products while judging (including during the day and evening prior to judging).
• Come to the competition properly hydrated, and continue to consume water during breaks and between judging shifts.
• Have sufficient availability to judge at WCE events without excessive time conflicts.
• Be able to comprehend instructions and presentations in English, and complete WCE score sheets in English.
• Avoid comment with any media representative or the general public in relation to judging, competitors, volunteers and staff. (Refer all media inquiries to WCE event staff.)

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in revoking of the individual’s WCE Judge Certification, and ASCA Judges Certification.