Nominations are now open to join the ASCA Competitions Committee.

The ASCA Competitions Committee is an active committee that meets monthly throughout the year, either in person or via teleconference, to guide the professional and effective management of our regional and national competitions. As a working committee, all members volunteer in some capacity to help improve the competitions, while also working together to take on industry feedback and implement practices that help us run a successful competition year. The committee’s ultimate goal is to run the best competitions in the world, for all stakeholders involved.

But the current committee can’t do it alone! Any member looking to get further involved in ASCA is encouraged to nominate to join the committee as General Members, or even sign up for a special project being directed by the committee.

To join as a general member, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Make yourself available for a monthly meeting (or more as required) either in personĀ or via teleconference
  • Not be a competitor or direct coach for the current competition year
  • Hold a valid ASCA membership
  • Have some past involvement in competitions, either at the competitor, coach, judge, or volunteer
  • Be willing to contribute approx 15 hours throughout the year of volunteer service to support committee activities

There are a number of key positions in the committee, that are open to any General Member who has served for one year on the committee, or has a strong history of volunteerism in past competitions. Current vacant positions include:

  • Competition Manager: Duties include attending every regional competition, ASCA to cover flights and accommodation!
  • Western Region Competition Manager

For more details on these positions, or to nominate yourself for a General Member position, send us a few paragraphs about yourself, as well as what you are interested in contributing, to