ASCA is proud to welcome Castaway as a sponsor of the Australian Roasting Championship. The new three-year arrangement comes after the success of the inaugural Australian Roasting Championship earlier in 2017.

Castaway products have been a market leader in the disposable packaging industry for the past 35 years. In September, the range expanded to include the newly launched Castaway Coffee Bag, providing cafés and roasters with a comprehensive packaging solution.

The bags come in two varieties – 1kg side guesset bags for wholesale customers, and the smaller Peel ‘n’ Seal block bottom bags, offering a reduced shelf footprint with more facings. Custom printing is also available to ensure great brand promotion.

“We are excited to be able to announce this new partnership with Castaway products,” said Kieran Westlake, ASCA Vice President. “Castaway products have been leading the way in innovation for over three decades, and their new coffee bags are no exception. We look forward to working with such an experienced industry supplier.”

All ASCA members are encouraged to show their support for sponsors by using their products and services.

Mr Westlake also added that the support shown for the Australian Roasting Championship is a testament to the value of the event.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Castaway products for their extended commitment to the Australian specialty coffee industry, and for helping us to add value to the industry through the continuation of new events such as the Australian Roasting Championship,” said Mr Westlake.