Australian Barista Championship

The ASCA Barista Championship is the flagship ASCA event for coffee competitions. The event is a celebration of cutting edge espresso extraction technique, an examination of baristas technical skill & customer service set to music. The discipline also includes the preparation of an espresso & milk beverage of any style (a change from previous years, where its was only allowed to be a traditional cappuccino) and also a signature drink. Signature drinks tell a personal story of the flavours and aromas within the selected coffee combined to make a unique coffee based drink for the judges to asses for originality, flair, balance and skill of preparation. All these three elements have to come together in a 15 minute routine in a staged environment with judges and a crowd to add to the atmosphere. The drinks are judged by two Technical Judges and four Sensory Judges. The overall winner represents Australia at the World Barista championships to compete against the best coffee professionals on the planet.

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