The Australian Specialty Coffee Association is proud to announce the introduction of the ASCA Judges Intern Program

An initiative of the ASCA Competitions Committee, the ASCA Judges Intern Program is designed for members who want to find out more about becoming an ASCA Judge, without committing to the full calibration and judging process.

The ASCA Judge Intern will generally support the judges, while also sitting in on some competitions to get a feel for what’s it’s like to be a judge.

“Being a judge can be intimidating for some people, so we wanted to give ASCA members an opportunity to dip their toe into the water and see what a great experience it is to be an ASCA Judge,” said Brydon Price, a Representative from the ASCA Competitions Committee. “They’ll give additional support to judges, while also learning more about the judging experience.”

The Intern program was also introduced as part of the ASCA Competitions Committee’s imperative to recruit and train more and better quality judges, to ensure that the quality of ASCA competitions continues to improve moving forward.

Participation in the Intern program is free for ASCA members, and applicants can also apply for an ASCA scholarship. Scholarships cover the costs of flights for members who don’t have a state competition, this year Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Applications will open on 9 June, when regional competitions locations are announced.