A total of 68 competitors took part in the 2017 ASCA Australian Coffee Championship, crowing winners across five competitions, including the inaugural ASCA Australian Coffee Roasting Championship.

Thanks so much for everyone for taking part in this exciting competition, that continues to be run 100% by volunteers – an amazing feat!

This year’s winners are:

2017 ASCA Barista Championship

Winner: Hugh Kelly, Ona Coffee
Second Place: Matthew Lewin, Axil Coffee
Third Place: Jade Jennings, Veneziano Coffee Roasters

2017 ASCA Pura Latte Art Championship

Winner: Aaron Dongsu Shin of Short Black Café
Second Place: Shinsaku “shin” Fukayama of St Ali
Third Place: Emily Coumbis of Piggy Back Café

2017 ASCA Cup Tasting Championship

Winner: Yama King of Kingswood Coffee, 8/8 Coffees in 1:41
Second Place: Tom Bomford of Square One Coffee  8/8 in 1:53
Third Place: Hyunsuk “Harry” Ko of Dukes Coffee Roasters, 7/8 in 1:11

2017 ASCA Australian Coffee Roasting Championship- brought to you by Condesa

Winner: Jack Allisey of Veneziano Coffee Roasters
Second Place: Danny Andrade of Extraction Artisan Coffee
Third Place: Ben Toovey of Genovese Coffee

2017 ASCA Australian Brewers Cup

Winner: Sam Corra of Ona Coffee
Second Place: Devin Loong of Slater St Bench
Third Place: Chan Ho Hong of Normcore Coffee Roasters and Tulip Shi Specialty Coffee

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