#ASCATOP12 national ranking system

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How does the #ASCATop12 work, and who’s eligible for a place?

The #ASCATop12 ranks the best 12 baristas in Australia, within each competition. All competitors who enter the Regional Championships are eligible to place in the #ASCATop12, including Regional winners.

To have a sanctioned regional competition, we need a minimum of 6 competitors per discipline.

Any competitor from anywhere in Australia can compete in any Regional Competition. They cannot win or place if they are not from that Region, but their score will go towards a Top 12 placement.

Who makes it through to the National Championships?

All Regional winners for each competition go straight through to the respective semi-final of their discipline, regardless of where, or if, they place in the #ASCATop12.

The remaining eight (8) competitors go through to the Open Heats in each competition at the Australian Coffee Championships. In the event that a Regional Winner does not make the #ASCATop12, an extra spot will be opened up in the Open Heats to accommodate the 12th highest placed competitor in that discipline.

The top four (4) competitors from Open Heats will join the Regional Winners in the semi-finals, and the top six (6) competitors from that round will proceed to the final.

How do I find out if I’m in the #ASCATop12, or competing at the ASCA Australian Coffee Championships?

The #ASCATop12 is announced each year via Live stream, to ensure everyone around the country can find out at the same time. The #ASCATop12, as well as the eight competitors competing in the Open Heats at the National level, will then be posted on the ASCA website and on the ASCA Social Media accounts. All competitors will also be notified directly via the email address used to register.

If you have any questions or enquiries about competitions, please send an email to competitons@aasca.com.

For all general Association enquires please send them to: info@aasca.com[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]